Machine Learning for Retail

Retailers need to quickly upgrade customer-facing sales and service applications to keep up with digital competitors. simMachine’s machine learning technology enables you to make this a reality, by understanding your customers in an entirely new and revolutionary way. Our machine learning software drives significant performance lift for marketing campaigns, customer lifecycle modeling, supply/demand forecasting, and improving one-to-moment customer experience management.

``We would absolutely find dynamic predictive segmentation useful... It would give us the ability to improve the revenue and profit by customer on a day-to-day basis. It would help us not oversaturate customers with information, so we can send the right message to the right people at the right time.`` - VP of Omnichannel Marketing, Retailer

Capture The Customer Moment With Dynamic Predictive Segmentation, a January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of simMachines

Upgrading Digital Effectiveness for Retailers

simMachines provides marketing, sales forecasting and e-commerce applications for retailers needing to significantly upgrade their agility in forecasting product demand, optimizing inventory, and their relevancy in communicating with customers.

Dynamic Predictive Shopper Segmentation

Reveal granular machine driven customer clusters instantly for greater marketing and advertising campaign precision and speed.

Customer Opinion Clustering

Find and group distinctive social media & call center comments to uncover the patterns in what customers actually think.

Customer Lifecycle Predictions

Achieve 20% – 100% lift in analytic performance across all dimensions of the shopper lifecycle.

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Reduce eCommerce fraud by 25% – 100% while revealing the factors to identify fraud transactions.

Product Demand Predictions

Forecast demand at a SKU/category level to enable highly relevant product campaigns and recommendations.

Intelligent Store Communication

Integrate IoT analytics with in app recommendations using up to the moment real time customer intelligence.

Customer Experience Predictions

Leverage predictions and their driving factors to anticipate the context and next best action of every.

Sales/Call Center Agent Predictions

Hire the best sales and call center agents based on their resumes, applications and social media profiles to reduce turnover.

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Use Cases

simMachines supports use cases for retailers spanning marketing and eCommerce fraud detection.

Sales, Product Usage and Retention Forecasting

Top 3 retailer needs to be able to forecast product level sales, usage, and ongoing retention of customers who have purchased the product starting with the high end electronics category and associated VR products.

Sales Forecasting and Customer Lifetime Value

Specialty retailer needed to calculate the future sales and lifetime value of customers.

E-Commerce Retail Sales Tax Determination

International logistics firm needed to be able to perform online, real-time import tax determination for Amazon, eBay and other customers, dependent on the “ship to” country.

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