Explainable Machine Learning Supports Consulting Company Applications

simMachines is engaged with leading consulting firms, who are focused on artificial intelligence consulting and helping their clients transform their customer-facing applications, to compete more effectively. Our transparent machine learning technology is uniquely suited to arm consulting firms with capabilities that support broad and powerful transformation projects with breadth, depth, speed, and scale.

We provide explainable machine learning software that maximizes clients’ customer insights, marketing performance, and analytic efficiencies.

Performance Impact
Increase omni-channel campaign speed and precision while increasing campaign efficiency.

Business Results
Increase campaign volume, frequency and performance while reducing costs.

“Whether it’s speed to insight or real-time updates, dynamic predictive segmentation enables marketers to keep up with the pace at which empowered customers move and serve the right content at the right time. 70% or more of marketers in this study find these capabilities valuable when making program execution or campaign planning decisions.”

Capture The Customer Moment With Dynamic Predictive Segmentation, a January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of simMachines

Performance Impact
Leverage predictions and their driving factors to anticipate the context and next best action of every customer interaction.

Business Results
Improve client customer experience applications in online, store and call center channels to improve customer satisfaction.

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